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Cloud Shepherd Videos:

Cloud Shepherd at Foundry Nights, Berkeley, CA, 8/24/14:

Cloud Shepherd at the Emerald Tablet in San Francisco: February 23, 2013:
Part 1:;
Part 2:;
Part 3:;
Part 4:

Cloud Shepherd at ssshhhh, Alameda Public Library, Alameda, CA, 2012:;;

Free Rein (trio before Cloud Shepherd) at the Oakland Public Conservatory of Music, Oakland, CA, 4/3/09:


released October 5, 2014

Andrew Joron: theremin.
Brian Lucas: six string electric bass, electronics
Joseph Noble: flutes and saxophones.
Mark Pino: cloud kit percussion
(Note: Mark Pino was not yet a member of the band for the Free Rein video.)

Cover Art: detail from Garden Astronomy, by Joseph Noble.



Cloud Shepherd Berkeley, California

Cloud Shepherd is a San Francisco Bay Area quartet formed to explore improvised music, but in a more "ambient" setting reflecting their combined interests in spontaneous composition, drone-based music, and certain 20th and 21st Century classical and jazz music.
Andrew Joron: Theremin
Brian Lucas: Bass, Electronics
Joseph Noble: Flutes, Saxes, Keyboards
Mark Pino: Percussion
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